Safer City MKE Bracelet Giveaway


“SAFER City MKE—Bracelet Giveaway” is a Youth Movement pilot program in partnership with the City of Milwaukee Mayor’s Office, the Milwaukee Police Department, United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee (UNCOM) and many others.

This new initiative will give out 5,000 orange rubber bracelets that say SAFER CITY MKE, to youth who participate in summer programming at non-profit organizations throughout the city. Prizes will be given out to youth who are seen wearing the bracelet, but who are also seen demonstrating positive behavior in the community. The prizes can be given out by the Mayor, MPD, MFD and Ambassadors from the organizations participating. 

Milwaukee’s youth, at participating summer youth programs, will be given an orange bracelet to wear that signifies participation in the program. Throughout the summer, “rewards” (ice cream coupons, Slurpee coupons, fun dips, balloons, balls, etc.) will be distributed to these youth wearing this bracelet that are spotted demonstrating positive behavior. 

The purpose of this program is to positively engage young Milwaukeeans and their families. The hope is this positive interaction will serve as a motivating factor on a number of different levels: being active, positive interactions with first responders and city leaders, encourage youth to make good choices, and spread a positive message of being noticed for having fun. 

Participating Organizations

Mayor’s Office

Milwaukee Police Department

Milwaukee Fire Department



Journey House

City on a Hill

Milwaukee Recreation

Milwaukee Christian Center

Neighborhood House of Milwaukee Police Department

Northcott Neighborhood Center

EMPLOY-Camp RISE program

SHARP Literacy

Urban Ecology Center

Boys and Girls Clubs of Milwaukee

Neu-Life Community Development

Silver Spring Neighborhood Center


Brady Corporation Foundation

Zilber Family Foundation

Neu-Life Community Development