Counseling/Therapy/Psychiatric Support Services

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Mental Health and AODA Counseling

Guest House of Milwaukee

1216 N 13th St

Milwaukee, WI 53205


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Human Development Center, Inc

6833 W Fond du Lac Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53218


Mission – to assist youth and their families with psychosocial development.

Anger management and daily living groups, life skills, short-term psychotherapy, “The Elite” youth development and scholarship program.

Crisis Prevention Interventionists are on call 24 hours/7 days a week to respond to emergency mental health crisis.


Adkins Counseling Services

6001 W Center St #208

Milwaukee, WI 53210


Provides mental health counseling services to families, individuals, children, teens and adults. Specializes in play therapy, family mediation, anger management and in-home therapy.

Alternatives in Psychological Consultation

5757 W Oklahoma Ave

West Allis, WI 53219

10045 W Lisbon Ave, Wauwatosa, WI 53222


Provides a wide range of approaches to therapy with many clinicians dual certified to provide services to individuals with co-occurring concerns such as mental health and substance abuse disorders. Providers offer diversity in both cultural and therapeutic backgrounds. Services include couples, individual, and family therapy, child and adolescent specialists, substance use and abuse assessment and intervention.

Also provides coordination for Comprehensive Community Services

ARMI Counseling Services

4001 W Capitol Drive

Milwaukee, WI 53216

414-455-3879 or 414-810-6691

Services include mental health and substance abuse assessment and counseling, couples, and family therapy, drug and alcohol abuse testing and play/art therapy.

Aurora Family Services

3200 W Highland Blvd

Milwaukee, WI 53208


Counseling for individuals, couple and families experiencing problems with anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, loss, parenting issues or poor school/work performance. Services provided at low or no cost for those without insurance or with limited resources based on a sliding scale.

Behrens Psychotherapy Services

2321 E Capitol Drive #400

Shorewood, WI 53211


Comprehensive mental health clinic that provides counseling for children, adolescents, families and adults. Also provides psychological assessment and in-home psychotherapy. Services provided on a sliding scale for those without insurance.

Bell Therapy, Inc

Multiple locations


Programs and services include medical day treatment programs service individuals with long-term mental illness and individuals with co-occurring disabilities. Community based residential options for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and/or serious and persistent mental illness. Day and vocational services, programs that teach independent living skills and an outpatient clinic.

Catholic Charities Counseling Services

2021 N 60th St

Milwaukee, WI 53208


Provides culturally competent mental health services for individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities. Accepts clients who are without insurance or have limited resources on a sliding fee scale. Services are non-denominational and open to all people.

Cedar Creek Family Counseling

9910 W Layton Ave, Suite 2

Greenfield, WI 53228


Provides a variety of services to clients dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues. Offers a full range of outpatient services including primary and outpatient programs, relapse prevention, aftercare, intoxicated driver program, anger management, and two residential treatment/sober living environments.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

9000 W Wisconsin Ave

Wauwatosa, W 53226


1020 N 12th St

Milwaukee, WI 53233


4855 S Moorland Dr

New Berlin, WI 53151


Psychiatrist, psychologists, neuropsychologists, psychotherapists, and nurse practitioners provide mental health diagnosis and treatment to children, adolescents and their families for anxiety and attachments disorders, ADHD, bipolar disorder, child abuse and neglect, depression and psychotic disorders.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Child and Family Counseling

620 S 76th St.

Milwaukee, WI 53214


Child and family counselor work with children – toddlers through adolescents – and their families to address emotional and behavioral challenges and strengthen family ties. Counselors assist families with issues such as depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, anger management, abuse, parent-child conflicts and changes related to adoption or foster care placement.

Childynamics Child & Adolescent Day Treatment and Outpatient Services

11904 W North Ave

Suite 110

Wauwatosa, WI 53226


Specializes in mental health services for children and adolescents ages 4-16 years with behavior and/or emotional difficulties at home, school, and/or the community. Half-day day treatment with weekly individual and family therapy, psychological evaluations and medical management.

Christian Family Counseling

1214 S 8th St

Milwaukee, WI 53204

9505 W Brown Deer Rd

Milwaukee, WI 53223


Offers individual, group, family, and couples/marital counseling. Licensed to provide Telehealth services and offers secure video counseling sessions when appropriate and available. Staff consists of licensed professional therapists (counselors, social workers, and psychologists) with extensive post-graduate training.

Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center

5000 W National Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53295


Provides inpatient, residential and outpatient primary, secondary and tertiary mental health care for veterans. Veterans with a wide variety of difficulties (i.e. diagnoses) can receive a full and integrative continuum services.

Forward Choices

6040 W Lisbon Ave, Suite 103

Milwaukee, WI 53210


Treatment for all age ranges and mental health need. Services include individual therapy, family therapy, adolescent group therapy, animal-assisted therapy and clinical collaboration with primary care physicians and psychiatrists.

Gateway to Change

2319 W Capital Drive

Milwaukee, WI 53206


Mon-Fri , 8a-5p – Walk-ins and self-referrals accepted and criminal justice system involved clients.

Adult AODA and mental health treatment and services with experience in providing culturally sensitive treatment service to help individuals overcome dependency, on alcohol and other drugs. Offers AODA assessment, day treatment, family counseling, group counseling, and individual counseling.

Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center

1711 S 11th St

Milwaukee, WI 53204


Serves tribal members. Behavioral Health services including outpatient therapy for mental health, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, AODA groups and talking circles.

Horizon Healthcare

5408 W. Burleigh St.

Milwaukee, WI 53210


4650 S Howell Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53207


Provides substance abuse and mental health services with a staff of physicians, nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists, social workers, addictionologists, substance abuse professionals and peer specialists. Also offers TeleHealthcare services and residential treatment and recovery services for adult males through Matt Talbot Recovery Services.

The Lighthouse Clinic

2524 E Webster #203, Milwaukee, WI 53211

11803 W North Ave., Wauwatosa, WI 53226

11520 N Port Washington Rd #107E, Mequon, WI 53092


Receptionist Hours M-F 8:30a-4:30p, 24 hour answering service – Day, evening and weekend appointments available


Jewish Family Services Counseling and Clinical Services

1300 N Jackson St

Milwaukee, WI 53202

5800 N Bayshore Dr #B215

Glendale, WI 53217


Counseling services available for adults and couples. Multidisciplinary team is qualified to assess and treat a range of emotional problems from the common issues of adjustment to serve behavioral difficulties, relationship issues, domestic abuse and addictions. JFS services are open to the people of all faiths, incomes, backgrounds and lifestyles. For those without insurance, fee reductions and/or payment plans are available based on need.

La Causa Treatment Services

1212 S 70th St, Suite 115A

Milwaukee, WI 53214


Provides services to children, adolescents, and adults. Therapists have experience providing mental health and substance abuse for at-risk individuals and families with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse needs. Staff is sensitive to the physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs of individuals and families.

La Causa Recovery Center

804 W Greenfield Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53204


A peer-run drop-in center, staffed by Certified Peer Specialists, that offers a low pressure environment that emphasizes mental health wellness and recovery, empowerment, education, prevocational services and socialization opportunities. Examples of activities offered to members include self-care activities, arts and crafts, recreational activities, assistance with locating community resources, employment and psycho-educational groups.

M&S Clinical Services

2821 N 4th St, Suite 516

Milwaukee, WI 53212


Provides comprehensive culturally competent outpatient mental health and substance abuse services to families, adults, couples, youth and children. Determines eligibility for Milwaukee County-funded Alcohol and other drug abuse treatment. Individuals must be at least 18 years old and a Milwaukee County resident seeing AODA treatment. Staff is well qualified in the Milwaukee County Wiser Choice assessment process and will refer clients to treatment programs of their choice, based on the outcome of their assessment.

Marquette University Center for Psychological Services

Cramer Hall

604 N 16th St #307

Milwaukee, WI 53233


Operated by the Department of Psychology at Marquette University and open to the community. Offers evaluation and therapeutic services for adults, children, couples, and families, while giving advanced graduate students in clinical psychology the opportunity to gain clinical experience under the supervision of Marquette faculty. Fees are determined based upon ability to pay.

MCFI Children’s Behavioral Health Resources

2020 W Wells St

Milwaukee, WI 53233


MCFI, in collaboration with TLS Behavioral Health provides behavioral health assessment for children up to age 12, comprehensive treatment plans, confidential therapy and counseling services. Also provides consultation services for schools and community services.

Milwaukee Health Services

8200 W Silver Spring Dr

Milwaukee, WI 53218

2555 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr

Milwaukee, WI 53218


Services include individual, child, family, couples and group therapy, neuropsychological and personality testing and medication management. Sliding-fee scale program for clients with no insurance.

North Shore Psychotherapy Associates

5800 N Bayshore Dr. Suite A250

Glendale, WI 53217


Outpatient mental health services for children, adolescents, adults and families. Services include individual, couples, and family therapy, psychological evaluations (all age levels) and psycho-educational evaluations.

Outreach Community Health Center

210 W Capital Drive

Milwaukee, WI 53212


Provides psychiatric, psychotherapy, and substance abuse services on a traditional outpatient basis.

Services include individual and group therapy as well as medication management. Services patients of all ages and income levels.

Professional Services Group

1126 S 70th St, Suite S507

West Allis, WI 53214


Provides outpatient and in-home mental health counseling services including mental health and behavioral health therapies, addiction services, groups, and psychological and psychiatric services.

Red Oak Counseling

12970 W Bluemound Rd

Elm Grove, WI 532122


Mental health and substance abuse clinic specializing in addictions, eating disorders, relationships, family dynamics, and work-related topics. Extensive experience in working with veterans and military families.

Renew Counseling Services

1225 W Mitchell St

Milwaukee, WI 53204


Mental health/alcohol and other drug abuse outpatient clinic providing services from children to adults.

Sebastian Family Psychology Practice

1720 W Florist Ave, Suite 125

Glendale, WI 53209


Provides a variety of behavioral health care services including mental health assessments, psychiatric care and medication management, psychological testing, mental health counseling, alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) counseling, refugee mental health and supportive services and case aides/parenting support. Clinic staffed by a team that is ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse.

Shorehaven Behavioral Health

3900 W Brown Deer Rd

Milwaukee, WI 53209

4370 S 76th St

Greenfield, WI 53228


Officers a full spectrum of services including outpatient mental health/substance abuse counseling, substance abuse intensive outpatient treatment, groups, individual and family therapy. Adult and child/adolescent psychiatrists providing evaluations and medication management.

Sixteenth Street Community Health Center

1032 S Cesar Chavez Dr

Milwaukee, WI 53204


Outpatient psychiatry/mental health services for all ages, provided by bilingual (Spanish-speaking) counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

SDC Youth and Family Development Program Counseling and Wellness Clinic

4041 N Richards St.

Milwaukee, WI 53212


Outpatient treatment programs for substance abuse and mental health need for Milwaukee County youth between the ages of 8-19. Individual, group, and family counseling, case management, referrals, consultations and case coordination advocacy.

The Bridge Health Clinics and Research Centers

600 W Walnut St.

Milwaukee, WI 53212


Offers services for persons who are adversely affected by addiction, mental illness, disability, or other psychological health factors, physical illness and/or socio-economic factors. Provides services for children, adolescents, adults and families.

Whole Health Clinical Group (formerly TLS)

932 S 60th St.

West Allis, WI 53214


Officers a range of programs and services including outpatient mental health services, including services for individuals who deaf or hard of hearing. Staff also works with families, referral sources, and support agencies to coordinate services. Provides services for children in collaboration with MCFI’s Children’s Behavioral Health. The Winged Victory Program helps eligible individuals navigate the application process, submit medical evidence to the Disability Determination Bureau and access benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability (SSDI), Medicare (Title 18), and Medicated (Title 19). Also provides screening to determine which disability program a person is eligible for.

CORE (Coordinated Opportunities for Recovery and Empowerment)


Program for ages 10-23 experiencing first episode of psychosis, hallucinations, delusions, unusual thoughts, disorganized thinking/speech, and/or disruption of self-care. Care coordination, therapy, employment and education support, peer support and psychiatric services.

UWM Psychology Clinic

Pearse Hall

2513 E Hartford Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53211


The clinic is a training facility for psychology graduate students who are supervised by faculty members.

Individuals who appropriate for the training level and need of student therapists are accepted as clients.

Open to the community. Offers a low-fee, sliding scale. Specific areas include traumatic stress and anxiety disorders, depression treatment, psychoeducational evaluation for children, child neuropsychology, adult psychological assessment couples therapy and broad-based cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.

Veteran Quest Clinic

1322 S 117th St.

West Allis, WI 53214


Mental health services for veterans and military families including individual, group and family therapy as well as yoga therapy. Areas of expertise include post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma, depression, anxiety, anger management and substance abuse. Reduced fees for counseling services for veterans/family. For those without insurance coverage, a flexible payment schedule may be worked out.

Wheaton Franciscan Behavioral Health Services

3267 S 16th St.

Milwaukee, WI 53215


3070 N 51st St.

Milwaukee, WI 53210

13950 W Capital Drive

Brookfield, WI 53005


Offers comprehensive outpatient counseling. Serviced are available for children, teens and adults, and older adults who may be dealing with issues such as alcohol and/or drug addiction, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, school issues, trauma, depression, grief, relationship issues, abuse and anger management.

Willowglen Academy, Inc

4065 N 35th St. Suite N100

Milwaukee, WI 53216


Outpatient clinic offering mental health services benefit children, adolescents, adults, and families who may be experiencing emotion, behavioral, mental, cognitive, intellectual, developmental or substance use conditions. Services include mental health assessments, psychiatric services and mental health/substance abuse counseling. Also operates Community-Based Residential Facilities for adults who have been diagnosed with mental illness or developmental disabilities that may be long-standing along with cognitive impairment that inhibits their ability to live independently. Multiple locations.